SmartWay High Performer

澳门百家楽's West Group Logistics (WGL) division has been a registered SmartWay Transport partner since the program's inception in 2016. WGL received SmartWay's 2020 High Performer award for a LTL/Dry Van Truck Carrier.

Fewer than 10% of all SmartWay carriers operate fleets efficient enough to make the SmartWay High Performer list for carbon emissions.

Carbon is a leading indicator of fuel use, meaning that SmartWay High Performers for carbon also consume less fuel for every mile they travel and for every ton of freight they move. This kind of productivity is great for the environment and great for the bottom line, making a big difference!






About Us

澳门百家楽 Services (澳门百家楽) is an innovative, asset-based logistics provider driven by Sustainability, Safety, and California Compliance. We are committed to providing Quality in Everything We Do.

澳门百家楽 is supported by a Dedicated Leadership Team with Deep Industry Experience, Strong Partnerships, and backed by Numerous Awards.


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